Build a One Page Website in 30 minutes

Learn how to build a one page website… even if you have zero technical experience!

Don't waste your time on complex multi-page websites

Building a website sounds like a lot of work. And in most cases it is. It takes time and effort to build a multi-page website.

First you need a homepage... then an About page and a blog page... how about a contact page? You also need a page to list your services right? And, if you want to sell something, don't you need a sales page?

Building all these pages is at least frustrating. And building them is one thing. The worst part is maintaining them.

Every time you apply a major change in your business you need to change something in 5-10 different pages.

And you want to grow your business, right?. You don't want to become a full time web developer. Who has time for that anyway?

What if there was a way to cram all the information you want to display into one page?

And what if you could do this in an efficient way to convert your website's visitors into buying customers?

Actually there's a way around this...

Build a One Page Website from Scratch in 30 minutes

In many cases a multi-page website is not what you need. It's actually the exact opposite. As it will make your life difficult. What you may need instead is a one page website and someone to show you how to build one. In this online course I'm doing exactly this.

Enroll now and get up and running in 30 minutes!

What’s in the online course

Here's an overview of the lessons of the course.


Lesson 1: Find a Domain Name

Like all of us, your website too needs an ID. In the first lesson you'll learn how to find a domain name, in order to give to your website a unique identity.


Lesson 2: Deploy WordPress

In this lesson you will get your hosting up and running and then install WordPress on it. This way you'll have a solid foundation in order to start creating your one page website.


Lesson 3: Build the Website

The last part is the fun part. In this final lesson you'll create a conversion optimized one page website by using a simple drug-n-drop page builder.

Is a One Page Website what your business needs?

Is a one page website right for you though? You need to think about that...

Because, if you want to write blog posts, sell multiple products or sell online courses on your website, then a one page website is not what your business needs.

If you do want any of the above then you need to build a multi-page website like the one you're currently on.

 A multi-page website will cost you more in both terms of time and money. So, if you don't really need it, then make sure you don't build one. Do your business a favor and build a one page website.

When should you build a one page website though? If you're a local business or a freelancer. Or if you have only one product or piece of service to sell. Or if you your business focuses on a single thing and not much is going around. In principle, if you can fit all your business's information and content into a single web page, then this online course is for you.

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Enroll now and get up and running in 30 minutes!

My goal

Whether it is a multi-page website or a one page website, I just love building websites. Especially when it comes to one page websites I find the process of building them quick and fun. That's why I offer this online course for free. Because I hope you'll sign up, stop procrastinating and build the website your business needs in only 30 minutes!

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