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Are you tired of the degeneracy of modern society? Do you keep falling in the black holes of your inbox, smartphone and social media?

I'm Manos Syngarefs and I'm here to reveal to you my best life strategy secrets and help you build a successful online business.

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I did not have a website, but now I have a beautiful website which I can manage by myself, with the help of Manos.You taught me how to do it, instead of only showing it yourself. So mainly I had to do the actions for creating the website, which taught me the tricks and tips myself from the beginning! Good Job!

Lavinia Warnars
Entrepreneur & Coach

I had almost zero confidence with regards to running a business. I felt anxious, lonely and somewhat overwhelmed at all that I had to confront and overcome. Manos helped me run my website the right way, write engaging blog posts and acquire new clients. I can now focus more on my work and developing myself as a therapist and worry less about how to grow the business.

Joanna Pantazi